What is Whales?

Whales.io is a non-KYC decentralized hedge fund (wDHF) whose equity capital exceeds $1.4m in managed digital & decentralized assets!

  • All-in-one solution: The highest yield of returns provided by a Decentralized HedgeFund (DHF). We offer depth and breadth of short, long & swing investments, transparent trade returns, global reach, dedicated support and automated tools, resources, and experience to simplify the financing process.

  • Diversity: Invest globally in over 1000+ investment possibilities– from; Blue Chip, and 50-500 mCap Cryptos to minting upcoming non-listed projects, cryptos, DeFi tokens, perps, DAOs, and staking pools. We provide complex algorithmic trading to help your investment execute any trading strategy assisted with customized trading tools, real time-access news, charting and market data, 10+ years of experience we are able to easily manage client accounts and trades with our API solutions & return the maximum amount of profit possible and ALL from a single unified platform.

  • Feeless: We offer NO; funding fees, commission % or withdraw fees and transparent, custodial rates, support for best price execution, and a yield enhancement program to help minimize costs to maximize returns.

Whales DHF is a one-stop location for managing investments and their activities on-chain where you can put your capital to work in different strategies based on a transparent track record.

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