Diversified Investing

Don't put all your 🥚's in 1 basket!

Whales.io takes every trade into consideration, finding the right entry, and right exit, at every opportune moment, we are able to accomplish such a high return ratio by scouring the apps , exchanges, news sources and insider information we have access to 24/7 365, assessing 100’s of tokens daily, verifying/validating information and analysis while also invalidating & fact-checking all angles through a comprehensive, efficient process provided both manually and automated.

We’re not biased to projects, we invest in short-range projected profits, and long-term HODL’ing projects, and everything in-between We understand the necessity to take-profit (TP) at profitable times, and also set stop-losses (SL) and cut losses at unfortunate times. Our aim is to diversify across a vast number of vetted projects to offset our risk to risk/reward ratio (R&R) to benefit us.

Whales.io Clients get access to each of our “Whale Calls” for a lifetime! Each "Whale Call" that our market data and research analytics forecast that it will generate 500%+ will be emailed out with a report that includes fundamental, sentimental, technical and/or quantitative analysis; entry on your portfolio, projected valuation and asset allocation, full deep-dived scope of the project; and economic forecasting of where the project may be in 12 months.

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