Our confirmation process is simple and easy to navigate.

We will send you a detailed portfolio inquiry to the email you've provided us. Including;

  • Your funding amount (noted in $Asset/$USDC pair)

  • Your funding asset (ex. $BTC, $ETH)

  • Our funding address based on your chosen asset

  • Your funding date

After you've received that email, you will proceed to fund your address and provide us with your Transaction ID (txid) on whatever network you've sent your asset to fund your portfolio. We will send you a confirmation email including your TXID, and a blockchain receipt in the form a PDF.

You're all done, you're funded, you've done it! Congratulations on your newfound journey to financial freedom with us at! We will provide bi-weekly updates via email to all of our clients with full performance reports until our app launches. Thank you for your support & enjoy your next steps in the right direction. #WAGMI

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