Who can Invest in Whales?

pre-investor reqs. these will change once we launch.

Because of the different levels of risk associated with Decentralized hedge funds, we have to manage, assess, & requisite who can invest with our platform for safety reasons.

We aim to make our clients as much of a return on their investment as possible, we also take risk into consideration with any and everyone who chooses us as their investment platform. We have to make sure that you're not over-leveraging yourself. We vet all oncoming clients to prevent this!

As a investor you must have a net worth of at least $10 thousand dollars in assets, including; NFTs, Stablecoins, & DeFi tokens, or you must have a liquid cash net-worth of $100,000+. (this is not the funding qualification that is stated below)

Inclusivity is something we strive to provide here at Whales.io

We're aiming to provide equal access to YOU, the retail investor and working class access to educate, diversify, and scale your capital that otherwise would not work for you! We don't want to provide unobtainable entry requirements, nor do we.

Below are the funding requirements for all pre-investors:

  • $3,000 minimum of any choice of digital asset (NFTs do not apply).

  • 45 day custodial period - until app is launched, funds will be locked as AUM. (breaking your pre-investor round will penalize your withdraw amount by 50%)

  • 18 years old of age or older.

  • Crypto HODLer or trader

  • Funds must be yours to invest, no stolen / laundered / hacked / scammed funds are welcome (we do blockchain analysis on funding addresses)

We're looking forward to all our slots being filled, and we hope that you are as happy as we are to provide you with the tools to succeed here at Whales.io! Thank you for choosing us as your financial platform and we'll be looking forward to working with you soon.

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