Managers make decisions on behalf of each pool of individual managed funds - and compete for the top spot on the wDHF leaderboard. If the manager's decisions are profitable the manager will collect a performance fee of 30%/per $1,000 increased on your original capital investment, it is taken as a percentage of the overall return generated by the managed pool. Fees are collected only after liquidations, meaning if the manager is constantly successful their overall profit of the pool will increase over-time without withdraws.

Manager fees only become available via High-Watermark. Performance fees aren't decided by individual trades' profit, but the profit of the overall performance.

Managers create pools through the wDHF application. Each investment pool is its own contract.

Managers may have public pools allowing anyone to become an investor. Managers may also have private pools which allow only whitelisted investors to invest.

Managers can use their personal active management strategies, algorithmic strategies, or invest in other pools on wDHF. Automated strategies are possible with the wDHF sdk!

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