How to Invest?

It's time to invest, how do you do this? Easy as pie 🥧

Contact Decent#1337 on Discord to start the funding process, No KYC required.

Funding your portfolio & Getting your foot in the door has never been easier

  • First, you will choose what asset you'd like to invest with ($eth, $btc, $usdc, etc.) Then you'll need to provide your email address to your Asset Manager and you'll be directed to contributing your set upon capital investment via Email, thus starting your first entry to AUM investment pool!

  • We will process your transaction & confirm your funding amount, following that we will open your individual portfolio under our management, and being earning with our designed technology of experienced, well-mannered, aggressive asset managers programmed with financial growth functionalities works for you continuously.

  • Just like that, you're in - you've just set up your portfolio where we will start to diversify your assets, enter into trades, and begin your profitable investment journey with wDHF where you can relax and let the professionals work at the highest efficiency.

Completion of this process grants you early access to your wDHF account, beta-test our app, access to investment pool(s) before our hike in minimums go to $25,000, you'll have access to our "Deep Blue" Discord including "Whale Calls" & early access perks that are to be announced, you'll also get automatic entry to our F&F rounds when $WHALES ido is ready to launch (our governance token).

Once we're completed you'll visit our app & that will direct you to see - your real-time portfolio performance, choose different risk% investment pools, plan your investment goal(s), access the Academy, and connect with the entire community of & wDHF!

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