Investment Services

Whales combines deep dive knowledge availability, transparent trade results, global reach, dedicated research and help of our automated tools to simplify the investing process.

Depth of deep diving. Whales depth of research helps with locating the important to know information of each project's foundation, fundamentals, community, Technology, and short-term / long-term goals, structuring investment plans with your investor while protecting against FUD, hacks, scams. Each trade will be available can be viewed in real-time on APP.WHALES.IO publicly.

Asset Manager fees

Our no-commission, no-withdraw fees, & 0 trading fees are unmissable! Our asset managers only make profit, when you profit! Our Asset Manager fee is capped at a 30% equity stake in every $1,000 profit margin generated. This is the only fee our client has to assume, no hidden fees, no fine print, and no surprise fee changes, welcome to Whales. 😄

Return Averages

Here at we aim to generate and provide the maximum returns we're able to, we delegate our losses with our massive wins, and we're able to provide a monthly average ROI % of 80-120%!

Transparent, Competitive trades and staking gains! Whales uses a wide variety of methods including manual & automated price discovery to bring transparency, reliability and efficiency to the crypto or DeFi token and DAO's. A combination of sources is used to develop our indicative rates, which are displayed along with entries and exits in our automated financing tools.

Staking your crypto!

  • Increase investment return % by lending your asset to a platform to perform a consensus mechanics

  • Optimize your lended assets by also earning subsidiary tokens provided by the exchange / coin staked.

  • Access your staked asset with no restrictions. You can unstake/sell your shares at any time.

    *Staking assets can increase your overall return on investment but does not guarantee that your investment will be profitable.

Automated Tools

Whales offers clients a variety of custom research and trading tools, including:

  • No Arbitrage or automated trading.

  • SA/FA bot assists in seeing the community engagement & money coming in/out of each token.

  • Dynamic market-scanning tools.

  • Utilization – Supply & Demand Metrics: Enables you to quickly isolate valuable-to-trade coins.

Whales Premium Clients

  • Direct access to your managed portfolio via non-custodial permissions .

  • Crypto / DeFi whitelisting & F&F rounds of ico/ido’s via & and our Deep Blue experience.

  • Private locates available upon request allow for better timing of entry points on high traffic short positions.

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